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I am excited to one day work for an organization that strives to promote a professional image while maintaining the highest of standards in values that are comparable to my own. I am also excited to be a part of a company that utilizes teamwork and knows how important group efforts and collaboration among employees are to a business.

  • I am responsible, methodical, and work well with figures and procedures.
  • I tend to set high standards for myself.
  • My intensive problem-solving capabilities are one of my most valued traits.
  • Ensuring correct procedures are followed and committing to realistic goals are a strong part of my personality.
  • Within a team, I create commitment, provide quiet, behind the scene support, and help the team cope with complexity.

I graduated on December 21st, 2012 with an associate's in Applied Science. Within this Business Administration program I have mastered courses such as statistics, business law, marketing, accounting, and business communication. These skills have prepared me to be a successful business professional for the future. I am confident in my abilities to communicate effectively, work diligently, diagnose situations effectively, and accomplish the task assigned in a very professional manner.

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