Written: July 26th, 2010

I am currently a student at Minnesota School of Business and in the process of obtaining a business degree. This is my second semester in college. My whole life I have always been trying new ways to better myself and this is my current endeavor.

I was born in Minnesota on May 3, 1984 but didn't stay long. My family moved to Colorado where I spent the majority of my childhood. My parents were pretty well-to-do until I was a junior in high school. My mom was betrayed by her boss and decided to leave her position. My parents then thought that was a good time for change so we moved to Ola, an extremely small town in Arkansas. I finished the remainder of my high school there.

Being a city boy in rural Arkansas was not an easy transition. I went from the second biggest high school in Denver with 5,000 students, 9-12 grade, to a high school with 200 students, k-12 grade. It seemed to me Arkansas is about 20 years behind the rest of the world. For example, being tardy three times required you to receive swats. Swats are spankings with a wooden paddle. Some teachers would drill holes in the paddle for less wind resistance.

Aaron in Iraq

Before I graduated, I realized I needed to do something meaningful with my life. In 2002, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I went to boot camp in California, and then was assigned to the only active bridge company in the Marines. I spent the next four years of my life serving my country. I was stationed in North Carolina for the remainder of my service, besides the two tours I served in Iraq. While in the service, I obtained many different awards and medals. I also obtained many skills and personal traits that I am proud of. Because of the military, I am now disciplined, well mannered, very neat and punctual.

When that chapter in my life was over, it opened up many more for me. I pursued to get a job with the United States Postal Service. To do that you must take an exam, and depending on the score you get put on a waiting list. Because of my service, I got an additional ten points added to my score. I was hired to work as a letter carrier in 2007. I currently am employed by the USPS, but because of the recent economy, the post office is considering going to five day delivery. That would result with laying off some of the least senior members of the post office. I am the least senior person at my office.

Thanks to the service, I have other options in my life now. I got the G.I. Bill benefit which pays for my college. My goal right now is to get my degree and have a backup plan in case I lose my job. Regardless, it's definitely a good thing to achieve a higher education no matter what the circumstances.